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As seen in the Country Sampler magazine's July 2010 issue!

Monthly Box Themes


Each month we try to bring a certain theme to the boxes. It makes them more exciting to receive or give as a gift, and it's certainly fun for the contributors to be more creative and come up with products/samples that are related to that theme. They may be samples related by scent, color, product or packaging.

We want you to understand that not all the items in the sampler boxes will be related to that month's theme as some businesses can not always produce their products with a theme or may choose to not go with the theme that month. But you can always be sure that your sampler box will be decorated in that month's theme as well!

That being said, we know you will love the samples (and sometimes full size products) that you will receive in each month's box!

This year we are going with a fantasy/mythical creature theme!


~JANUARY 2018~ No Sampler Boxes This Month

~FEBRUARY 2018~ "Cupids Arrow" Valentines Sampler

~MARCH 2018~ "Leprechaun Wishes" Sampler

~APRIL 2018~ "Jackalope Easter Trail" Sampler

~MAY 2018 "My Fairy Godmother" Mothers Day Sampler

~JUNE 2018~ "Summer Sprite" Sampler

~JUNE 2018~ "Father Time" Father's Day Sampler

~JULY 2018~ "Unicorns And Rainbows Sampler

~AUGUST 2018~ "Mermaid Kisses" Summer Beach Sampler

~SEPTEMBER 2018 "Pink Pixie Dust" Breast Cancer Awareness Sampler

~OCTOBER 2018 "The Goblin Troll" Halloween Sampler

~NOVEMBER 2018 "There's No Place Like "Gnome"" Fall Sampler

~DECEMBER 2018 "Elf Magic" Holiday Sampler


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